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Subject:An Example of why I don't take drugs
Time:04:25 pm
Current Mood:tiredtired
I have several friends who enjoy recreational drugs and you know what? Good on them! But a controlling bitch like myself just can't "go there'.

This youtube video proves my point! This dude finds a rainbow in his front yard during his "trip" on either shrooms, weed, acid...........shit who knows but one things is for, he's trippin the hell out. Dude goes through a series of emotions within the next 3 minutes over a double rainbow. Frankly I am emotionally exhausted after watching this clip so I would say that today is a wrap.

Good night!

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Subject:My flight experience
Time:05:46 pm
Current Mood:blahblah
I said that I was gonna post my experience flying first class from the States to Berlin and here I am keeping my word.

So let me tell you all about my flight experience before more time goes by. Let me start from Atlanta because that's when my hellish experience started. Ok so you all know that the US has started checking people with these X-ray machines. When they first approved these fucking machines I knew immediately that I wasn't gonna submit my body to that bullshit. So as I saw that I was in the line for it I asked the TSA agent if I can go stand in another line because I'm not getting in that machine.

"Can I ask you why?" she said
"Yes, you can ask but I don't have to give an answer" I replied.

So that answer didn't sit too well with her and so she told me that I had a right to reject the test but I would have to be thoroughly searched physically.

"Honey you can strip me down butt naked, make me squat and cough several times in front of all these people if you want. I'm not getting into that machine!" I protested.

So she rolled her eyes and yelled to the other TSA agents "refusal". Which caused everyone to look at me as if I was a terrorist but I didn't care. I stood my ground. Then one of the agents called me to the side and had me step on some plate and face the wall. After standing there for 20 seconds I realized that no one was paying attention to me and that's why I decided to "act out". I turned around and yelled:

"Hey? I don't know who you all think you are playing with but I'm not gonna just stand here facing this damn wall as if I'm sort of child being PUNISHED! Either someone come over here and frisk me or let me go! Oh and by the way, I am 3 hours ahead of my flight so we can do dance as long as it takes!"

The entire TSA staff was a bunch of ghetto ATLians! Why are the bottom feeders from the hood being employed as TSA agents?


Once I said this (loudly by the way) a really big fat TSA agent come over to me and brought me over to her station and physically searched me. Two minutes later I was cleared and allowed to walk to my gate. While picking up my bags some nosey ass woman quietly approached me and said "Why didn't you want to go through the machine? I heard that the radiation is the same as a dentist X-ray."

"Does it look like I'm here to get my teeth clean?"
I bitched
No but....."
I interrupted her and said "But nothing! I have the right to refuse that machine and I exercised that right. Now, BE GONE!"

fast forward three hours..............

My flight was 25 minutes late! My connection time at JFK was 45 minutes which is a stupid thing for Delta to do in the first place. However, the flight to Berlin was canceled anyway due to weather conditions. So when I finally arrived at JFK the entire building was very cold. I had to stand in a long line to get re-booked for 5 hours. YES! FIVE FREAKIN' HOURS! Delta so called making it up to me by upgrading me to first class instead of paying for a hotel. The upgrade cost over $6,500 bucks but the hotel room would have cost only $120. Hmmm! That made sense! Anywho, so needless to say I had to stay in New York for an entire day. This is when I started to feel sick. First my nose was stuffed and then the coughing came. When it was time to get on the plane that's when I was sick as a dog. So here I am on my first international 1st class flight and I can't even enjoy it because I'm SICK!

Even though I was sick I did get my drink on which was a bad idea now that I look at it. This is probably why I am still recovering TODAY. One of the hostess took a liking to me and kept filling my glass up with wine every time it would get half empty. Most of my experience on that flight was a bit hazy but I do remember a few things. My chair turned into a bed. Instead of sleeping straight up in coach I got a chance to sleep laying down in first class WHICH WAS AWESOME. You also get a gift bag filled with toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash, walking socks, sleeping mask, ear plugs, candy, breath mints, hand wipes, tissue and lip balm. The food was good too but in my opinion it was too much. Don't get me wrong, ya'll know I love to eat but I think they fed us a little too much on that trip. Every time I would drift off to sleep someone would wake me up just to give me food.

I really wish I wasn't sick during that flight because I wanted to enjoy the entire experience. Needless to say that wasn't the case. When I got to Berlin I could barely talk, breath or walk. My energy was shot to hell and I couldn't wait to get home to go to bed. Now that it's a week later I am happy to say that my coughing has cleared up by 90% and my energy is slowly coming back. I be glad when I'm back to 100% so I can get my ass in the gym again.
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Subject:The list of Fuck You's from Riley Freeman
Time:08:08 am
Current Mood:amusedamused
I finally got the words to the list of "Fuck You" from my favorite cartoon Boondocks. I had no idea that there was a 3rd season until Dante Posh told me about it.

Riley - Look. Fuck you.
Fuck the plane you flew in on.
Fuck them shoes.
Fuck those socks with the bell on it.
Fuck yo gay ass fairy faggot accent.
Fuck them cheap ass cigars.
Fuck yo yuck mouth teeth.
Fuck yo hairpiece.
Fuck yo chocolate.
Fuck Guy Richie.
Fuck Prince William.
Fuck da Queen!
This is America. My President is black and my Lambo is blue, nigga. Now get the fuck out my hotel room, and if I see you on the street, I'm slapping the shit outta ya."

The above words can be found at the 8:00 mark on the youtube clip below.

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Subject:OMG WTF!!!!!!!
Time:03:27 am
Current Mood:angryangry

I guess it wasn't meant to post about that because this has never happened to me before!

Now I'm pissed.
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Time:01:59 am
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Subject:He wanted to suffer for me.
Time:02:31 am
Current Mood:pleasedpleased
So lately I feel like sharing my session experiences. I have no idea how long I´ll keep this up so enjoy it while it last. Earlier today I had a great session with a subbie who had a particular interest in me because he loves tall strong domina.
I did a lot with him within an hour but what I really liked about this subbie was how much pain he took for me with my encouragement. They have a saying for this type of domination scene here in Germany. It´s called "zuckerbrot & peitsche". Which translates into "sugar bread and whip". It´s a pretty neat way of describing this type of scene. We Americans call it Pain and Pleasure at the same time.

Anywho......I did several series of electrical play with this subbie during our session. When I was interviewing him  during the consultation phase he said that he wanted to experiment more with CBT electrical play and see how much he could take. He wanted to go past his limits but needed my help by encouraging him to take more pain. Personally I never had to encourage slaves to take more pain. They usually try to out do themselves from their previous session and accomplish the goal with no problem. However, this slave was different. I was very impressed with how much electricity I gave him. HE TOOK A LOT. Sometimes I would test him to see just how much he would take for me. While all those electrical bolts were going through his body I would rub his face and head softly with my hand while whispering in his ear "Suffer for me. You can take a little bit more. I know you can because you want to please me" This bottom was like an electrical vampire. He went well above his limits and my expectation. He did so well that I reward him with a nice naughty face sitting finale. Needless to say, this slave will never forget this session for the rest of his life. ;)

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Subject:Excuse me while I talk to the UNIVERSE!
Time:06:33 am
Current Mood:peacefulpeaceful
Today when I was walking back home IN THE RAIN wearing my heavy jacket with the hood completely covering my head I was about to get angry with the fact that June is only 2 weeks away and I'm walking around Berlin as if it's November in Atlanta. However, right before I was about to get into my "funk"  out of no where my mouth uttered the words "Fuck it!" and then peace filled my entire body.

So guess what UNIVERSE? I surrender. I have made peace with the fact that I'll never wear any of my summer clothes here in Berlin this year. I have made peace with this cold weather. I know it's not the norm for this time of year and maybe this is a test. Who knows? **Kanye Shrug**  But whatever the case maybe I don't care anymore. So when I come back to Atlanta in June I won't even bother bringing my halter tops, shorts, tank tops, mini skirts, etc back here. If I want to sweat then I'll take my sexy ass to the sauna (about to do that soon anyway). That will be the closes thing to exposing my body to the type of heat I'm use to.

So if it's meant to be cold here during the spring and summer then FINE! Bring it on! I rather be happy in cold weather then unhappy in humid weather. I realized that the most important thing is my happiness and I am very happy here regardless of the weather.

So since I can't have the heat of Hot-Lanta here with me then I'll have it inside me. NAH! TAKE THAT! As of today, you can bring a damn blizzard here tomorrow and I won't be phased. I'll just put on 4 layers of clothes, my leather boots, my custom made leather trench coat and head out the door like WHAT? 

As of today I'm over it!

Now if you will excuse me.............I need to pack my gym bag and head to the city's sauna.

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Subject:The never ending session
Time:04:50 pm
Since I'm in the posting mood today (which is rare so enjoy it while it last) I want to share a session that I had last Friday which is still lasting in my head til this day. It wasn't a hardcore session as many of you may think. Actually, the session was very mild and relaxed. The bottom who came to see me at Avalon wanted to serve me because of my height however, he asked that I wear latex during our session. Now many of you know I'm not a huge fan of latex but it's not a hard limit so I don't mind wearing it upon request. However, this guy wanted face sitting and leg worship. So I had to bring him back to reality by saying "Now you do know you can't worship my ass and legs if they are covered in latex?"

He thought for a moment and asked if  I could keep my upper body covered in latex but wear latex panties or a mini skirt? I opted for the mini skirt because I can always pull that up to my waist when it's time for the face sitting part. Now this session really surprised me because I had no idea that things would turn out the way they did. What I thought would be a so-so session turned out to be a very hot and erotic session.

I'm gonna see if I can describe this session the best way I can. Some things that I experience with subbies in sessions are sometimes hard to put into words. I really enjoyed the way this bottom touched and kissed my skin. He touched and caressed my legs as if it was a prized trophy. I could see in his eyes how much he adored kneeling below me lightly stroking my legs up and down with his hands. Surprisingly this was a huge turn on for me. The color contrast between his skin and mine was HOT!
I loved when he would tell me on several occasions how soft my skin felt. Feeling his lips on my ass and watching all of this in the mirror nearly sent me over the edge. It's been a long time since I had a sub touch me that way. A looooooooooooooooong time. I also realized how much I enjoy being touched in a session. I'm a very touchy-feely type of person anyway. I always touch my bottoms. I don't care if I'm whipping them like a runway slave in the movie "roots", I'm going to touch them with my hands one way or another. But I forgot how good it feels to get touched back in a session. Especially by a bottom who truly adores you!

I've been thinking about that session ever since. I can still feel that sub's hands lightly caressing my legs even now. His warm face under my ass sends a smile to my face. FACE SITTING FTW!

That session has left a lasting impression upon me. I have reflect on it several times a day for the last four days. Hopefully tomorrow the sensation will finally fade away. I need to start day dreaming about other things like this for example and most of all this!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! That last link just did me in!

I'm out!

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Time:12:24 pm
First let me say thank you to ninsun  for reminding me that I had a LJ to vent, rant and talk shit on. **huge smile**

Last night I got a message from a bottom here in Berlin. Now for those of you who are not on twitter allow me to fill you in on my experiences with these so called subbies here in Berlin. The subs here are much different then the ones in Bayern (Bavaria). Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay different. When I got here I had a shit load of german submissives email me for the position of private slave. Since my time on the internet is limited I would give them my cell phone number and tell them to call me or  send a SMS so that we can arrange a day and time to meet and talk. When I give them my number I wouldn't hear from these cowards until 4 - 7 days later. I had a few vanilla guys do this shit too but only a small few.

Once these boys finally call me I have no idea who the fuck they are. So they have to spend 5 minutes explaining who they are, how they know me, when they emailed me, what was said, when I gave them my number, what I said in the email...............blah, blah blah. Finally when I figure out who they are I dump their asses for taking too long to call me back.

Wanna see some stats on how bad this shit is? Check this out!

I have given my cell phone number to approximately 6 vanilla guys. Only 2 waited several days to call me back only to get rejected.

Now let's look at the subs here in Berlin.

I have given my cell phone number to approximately 13 - 15 submissives who wanted to apply for my private slave position. ONLY ONE CALLED ME BACK WITHIN 24 HOURS (and that was today).

So now let me get back to my original story. Last night I got a message from a bottom here in Berlin asking about serving me privately. Of course I thought this was another loser wasting my time like all the rest. So I promptly give him my cell phone number as a means of filtering him out. Giving Berlin subbies my cell phone number is like the kiss of death. LOL!  So last night I emailed him back my cell phone number and told him to call me today at 2PM. 

Guess what? Not only did he call but he called at 2PM ON THE DOT!!!!! I was so use to these boys not calling that I totally forgot all about him until my phone went off. I WAS VERY IMPRESSED. Which is a damn shame when you look at it.  Something that is suppose to be normal has turned into a big deal here for me. Hell! Atlanta is probably ranked in the top 5 of cities with the worst subs and even those motherfuckers know how dial a number. Now granted, they will do their best to try to jerk off to your voice or get you to share some domination stores but at least they fucking CALL! The subbies here just nut up when they get my number. Any bottom who is too afraid to call me is a pussy ass bitch and I don't want pussy ass bitches serving me privately. I don't care if a male is submissive there is one thing he must be and that is A MAN!!! If I want a pussy then I'll get a female to be my slave. Not a wimp with a dick!

Anywho, this bottom was very well mannered and we got right to the point of when, where and what time to meet to talk and get to know each other to see if a Domme/sub relationship is possible. So I'll be meeting him this Wednesday which I'm looking forward to. I have a good feeling about this one. A very good feeling. :)

For the record, this male is not German. I think he's Italian but I'll know for sure when I meet him this Wednesday. Now this brings me back to why I am so disappointed with all the german subs here in Berlin who have applied for private ownership. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that ALL German bottoms here in Berlin are low quality. I have met and even correspond via email with some very good bottoms who live here in Berlin. However, every German bottom that has applied for this position has been spineless, wimpy and dumber than a bag of hammers. This is very disappointing, especially for someone like me who has a huge soft spot for German men. 

Personally, I don't care what nationality a bottom is.......German, Italian, Spanish, etc..........as long as he's a good bottom I could careless what kind of Euro passport he has. However, for me to have a huge love for German men and not own one as a personal slave here in Berlin says A LOT! 

We'll see how things go because this story is ongoing.

Ok time to go grocery shopping.

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Subject:Dragon Con? Yup, I'll be there.
Time:09:52 pm
Current Mood:soresore
There's a huge chance I won't dress in anything special until Saturday. I'm suppose to be Tina Turner's character from Mad Max Beyond thunderdome for the parade and I'll probably wear the costume until later that afternoon then I'm going "normal" again.

Don't get me wrong. I'm very excited about Dragon Con. I just want to be a little low key because I'm  worn out from constant training. I have my first Muay Thai fighting match coming next month and my instructors have been working the shit out of me. I'm sore all over and not the good kind of sore either.

Isn't it funny? I entered into MMA training to emotionally get over the death of Fannie. Now I'm using those same pinned up emotions along with some other anger issues to beat somebody's ass in a caged match. Is there no end to my madness? **snickers**

Ok! See Ya Soon! 


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